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September 20, 2015



Hi. My husband & I drove to the kofa site & never did find this labyrinth. There were government signage saying do not enter. We drove slowly back & forth from the wildlife refuge kiosk & couldn't see it from the road. We asked several people before we left from Yuma to go to castle dome & some volunteers at castle dome if they knew of this labyrinth & no one knows of it. Our excitement turned to disappointment when we realized we couldn't see it & the danger signs detoured us from walking around the area to find it. Too bad!!


It is actually on BLM land. Drive in the Palm Canyon Rd 2.8 miles, look to your right carefully and you will see the ridges of the spiral. Park and walk in. If you think your life is spiraling out of control, walk in to the center and re-set yourself! We camped there for a couple of days and I walked it several times. Be respectful and take away only a sense of peace.

Felicia Akpan

Hi, I will like to visit the magical labyrinth, but I don't know how to get there. I live I Peoria, AZ. Can someone help me?

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