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December 05, 2011


Susie G

Catawba Falls Hoops, feeling the spirit and warmth!


Number 3.
Love the image of you over the piano bench.
Eager to hear your music.

jeanne raines

Catawba Falls ~ I'm loving that!

Ken Bacher

I like the two wheels: the one in the woods and the sky spiral.


Eileen Nephin Bish

OMG Stu! Amazing! I think number three with the spiral star path and those majestic trees is the epitome of organic and evokes the themes of your music beautifully.

Bill O'Luanaigh

Catawba Falls. The light spiral seems like a spirit hovering over the water and yet it also has an electric look as well. Seems to merge the 'electronic organica' ideas.

Teresa Ross

First, glad to know that the pic of you stepping over the bench is in and I dont have to chose on that... its awesome. As for the other 3, I really like the bozos... there is a joy felt at the idea of being on the beach and being just so close to the water, which to me would be the equiv to heaven, however, the spiral in the woods seems more the "organic electronica" and has a feel of some universal entity that shines over and with the natural beauty of this very earth.

Shawn Peterson

No mystery which one I vote for....the star trails of course...

Nick T.

I have to vote for #2: the Red toys on the Beach. While the 1st and the 3rd are astonishingly beautiful, with the title of "Death & Injuries" I find both a profound joy and a sadness in the 2nd photo that I do not feel in the others. Metaphorically, are we all inflated and therefore limited in lifespan? Was this simply a case of toys accidentally left behind by some rushing family, in which case is some young child currently traumatized? Or perhaps this speaks to a universal longing for our youth and vitality?

Thanks for giving us something to think on!

Frank Owen

Brother Stu

Catawba. Stunning.

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