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March 25, 2011


Peter C. Gerdine

Ah, men, Brother! Coach K's working the refs didn't do the trick, Nolan Smith stunk up the joint, Duke fell apart in the 2nd half, had no answer. As well as they played (Except against St. John's), they looked very ordinary tonight.
Go, Heels!

Stu Jenks

P.S. I don't hate Duke. Both of my parents went there. I just don't like them very much. Now on to UConn on Saturday. It will be a tough game, since UConn and AZ match up pretty well. Which superstar will play better, and which bench will get hot will be the key. Go Cats, and go Heels today.
P.P.S. Marquette beat UNC in the 70's for the National Championship. Like to return the favor, even though none of the current Carolina players were even alive back then.

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