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May 14, 2008



Fans fear the loss of
Ineradicable Art
You'll compose and share


Man you better buy that lens suka!!!
POW POW POW just like that the PO PO don't know..
I wreckless
I knock out my teef
and make myself a necklace
pull down those panties & get me sum breakfast
I'm a bigger ogre then Skrek is
POW the PO PO don't know


Oddly enough, I took some encouragement and consolation from this. I don't know how to evaluate artistic merit, but I know that you are a technically superior photographer to me. I had given up the idea of making a living from my photos, and now I feel better about that choice.

James Graham

I never once considered it possible to make a living off of print sales. Never. After leaving Tucson for L.A. I see it is possible, but not in Tucson, at all.
I am as sad as you, Stu, about the cancer that is digital photography, but having failed to sell out I take solace in making art with my camera.
No one will ever take your pictures. So keep making them.

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