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December 16, 2007


will shetterly

Very sorry. We had a cat with diabetes and feline leukemia and a host of problems who was about that age when everything hit. It's too young.

He looked a bit like Wally, too.

Gordon Danis

So sorry Stu. I just hugged my nine year old (roughly, anyway) Phoebe as soon as I read your posting, even though she just coughed up a slimy wad of furball.

After an appropriate period of grief, I hope you head to your local animal shelter and make a home for a friend of Wally's.

Stu Jenks

Thanks, Will and Gordon (and many others who have written and called). I'm not ready to write about the experience yet but I will at some point. Bottom line: The Vet was great and we had a lot of time to spend with Wally before he passed away and some after too. And yes, Will, 9 is too young, and Gordon, I laughed about Phoebe's hair ball. Much love, Stu.
P.S. Wally was a Russian Blue. We never knew that. He also had the softest coat of any cat I've even known. I miss him so.

Dylan Santana

From the other side.

Some guy named Jimi is showing me and a gent named Dan Fogelberg around. I think I might live with Dan.

Thanks for your love and kindness while I worked on my Karma.



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Oh god!Thats a very sad news!!:(

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Its really a embarassing news to hear feel sorry about that.....

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