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August 09, 2007



will somebody explain why so many people embrace the idea of

elite social forces. I mean what is the "payoff" for convincing

yourself and others that you are better than

someone else? Where is the special cookie you get

for being a hater. Why is it so thrilling to imagine that god

is on your side in a war against sex. And how do you sleep

at night knowing that you encourage children to fear.

As far as gay people are concerned, i am glad someone's having sex-

i am happy for anyone who is in love- why can't such crazy "cool" people be happy too?

When i bought my vintage virtue brothers dining set- I sang joe cocker songs to it while i polished it's chrome- i announced to my husband that i was in love- and you know what... he was not jealous of my freedon to love an inanimate- he was happy for me.

Why am I a Lutheran? Grace baby that's why- grace.

also i believe they invented literacy- and i like that kind of thinking.

i have freedom to believe or not.

I don't believe in hell either- and

that's my right dammit.

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